to listen, to see, to smell, to taste, to touch


The body experiences its relation to its ‘self’ through the ways it shares experiences in the world. This mutuality provides organizing perspectives for personal and interpersonal events. I am interested in the collective and interactive experiences that move across culture. Furthermore, the emergent sense of self that evolves through these experiences.


Amidst the interstitial space of the physiological, cultural and religious, the work probes, what are the relationships of a Muslim Female to the historical and religious aspects of cultural and cross-cultural experiences? Furthermore, how can these experiences be shared through sensorial experiences, rituals, actions and language? These mediative experiences allow the viewer to navigate territory, which rethink and revisit the religious female agency beyond the stereotypes and distinctions.


The participatory performances and video works create shared experiences for the viewer. I instill emotive reactions through Urdu/English conversations, embodied rituals, tastes, sounds and light as a dramatic device. Theatrical spaces are created using fabrics, wine, spices, prayer rugs, which have cultural relevance and religious resonance. Performers invite viewers into a world partly recognizable and partly foreign highlighting how body’s perception translates across culture and language; how we have an ability to connect and relate beyond physical, cultural or religious conventions.


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    • Alaam Al Arwaah, 2014
    • Natasha Jozi
    •  3 Channel Video

    • Touch(ing),2013
    • Natasha Jozi
    •  Participatory Performance

    • Audio Chat with Allah, 2014, Installation shot
    • Natasha Jozi
    • Red Prayers, 2013
    • Natasha Jozi
    •  Long Durational Performance

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