• David D. Oquendo - In Studio
  • David D. Oquendo - In Studio


The core of my art practice is the development of a new quasi-spiritual universe. I make large scale painted work using appropriated visual imagery. Appropriation paradoxically allows me to create a personal symbolic language that relates to cosmology, religious practices, and religious art.

In addition to developing a personal symbolic language, I am also using icons that I appropriate from religious and pop culture. Also using characters that display both human and non-human characteristics, both as a part of mythology and as a spiritual concept. These personal and appropriated hybrid human and non-human characters are painted large in scale on interior and exterior walls. As I create additional characters, the imaginary world expands.

I collect online images, transforming them into personal expressions of multiple ideas and fascinations - such as Cross Monkey, Mushroom, and Monk Puppy. These ideas and fascinations create cohesive compositions but are not supposed to be comprehensible as narratives.

My point of view and location of where my art comes from is one of allure and skepticism of human perfection and self-improvement. I am drawn to the notion of communicating with a “higher power”, with the ability of transcending one’s own body and reaching a higher plane of awareness of oneself and being an overall better human being; this is something many non-secular groups promise to some degree. Yet I am skeptical of these ideas as well – when used and misused to an extreme point. I discovered a vehicle whereby I am titillated by these notions yet without “drinking the kool-aid”. This vehicle is the Trickster; a type of deity that undermines grand institutional schemes that claim to have the answers to all moral and spiritual questions.

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